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4 years and 50 million dollars in research later, this Japanese masterpiece is now the most comprehensive massage chair in the world.



The Inada Sogno Dreamwave Plus is unlike any other massage chair ever produced, a certified Class I Medical Device. Designed in Japan, the Sogno features an unprecedented 101 air cells that reach along the entire length of your body, from head to fingertip to toe, while advanced robotic arms and rollers mimic human hand movements along the full length of your spine. What’s more, each massage is customized to your own body profile.

Having been introduced to Canada in the summer of 2008, the Sogno can now be found in
the homes and offices of doctors, chiropractors, dentists, massage therapists, professional athletes, and pain clinics – a testament to its effectiveness and quality. For these and many other Sogno owners, waiting weeks for expensive massage appointments is now a thing of the past.

o Chair developed by the inventor of the robotic massage chair in 1962

o Designed, engineered and manufactured in Japan

o Inada spent over 4 years and $50 million developing it

o Worked with 7 different universities, 10 research facilities and 100 engineers

o Full time Massage and Shiatsu experts worked to mimic human hands and programmed each program to give a carefully orchestrated massage, rather than random movements sequenced together. It is a full therapy session working precise pressure points in the exact sequence that a shiatsu therapist would use. No other chair manufacturer does this.

o 101 air massage cells, 13 motors, massages over 1200 sq inches

o FDA Class I medical device



Shiatsu Point Locator

The location of Shiatsu points varies by body type. Before each massage, the infrared sensor in the Sogno automatically detects these points, allowing for a more comfortable and effective massage.


Neck and Shoulder Air Massage

This system gently lifts up the neck from both sides to stretch and knead the muscles. Built-in adjustable pads apply shiatsu pressure to the top of the shoulders while air cells provide firm pressure to the back of the shoulders.


Full Arm Massage

Sogno provides the industry's first and most effective full arm massage. Experience a gentle kneading massage as twenty air cells work on the upper arms, forearms and fingertips.

Side Press

Massages the pelvis from both sides of the buttocks, relieving the thighs and buttocks from fatigue and muscle soreness.

3-D Massage

The Sogno is extremely flexible in providing different massage intensities and can easily adjust to personal preferences. The 3D roller mechanism brings the rollers out for a deeper massage or withdraws the rollers for a more gentle massage. Rollers rotate just like real human wrists and mimic the fine movements of a massage professional.

Massage Coverage

With 13 motors, extended roller reach from the base of the skull to the upper gluts, and over 101 active air massage cells, the Sogno offers more massage coverage than any other massage chair in the world.

Adjusts to Body Size

The Sogno easily accommodates various heights and body types. The chair adjusts to a large range of heights, from 5' to 6'8".


Calves and Feet Shiatsu

Put your feet up in the fully adjustable, automated foot bed while air cells provide firm Shiatsu pressure against the backs and sides of both calves as well as the soles, insteps and heels.


Seat Heater

The heater is mounted under the seat. It warms the lower back and buttocks.

Vibration Massage Function

Vibration mechanisms are located in the seat and chair back. The soothing vibrations provide a relaxing massage.


Youth Program

The Youth Program provides a low-stimulation massage for children aged 14 years or over. For this program, the adjustable range of the roller shoulder positions during an Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator operation is extended to cover lower positions, to fit the shoulder positions of young people.



One-Touch Digital Hand-Held Control

Whether you prefer to push one button for a complete, pre-programmed massage, or personally customize each massage, there are hundreds of options and they're right at your fingertips.


Intelligent Massage Programming - An Inada Exclusive

Inada massage programs are designed from scratch by Shiatsu massage experts, who work with a team of engineers to re-create and even enhance proven human massage techniques with advanced robotics. Just like in a real Shiatsu massage, the Sogno targets acupressure points (which it detects during the infrared body scan) following a specific order and choreography, so it is important to follow each program through to the end in order to receive the full benefit of the expertise behind the programming.


  • Approx. 8 minutes
  • Provides a quick overall healing massage for those with little time.


  • Approx. 15 minutes
  • An invigorating “centripetal” massage that works to stimulate the muscles and body, by focusing on moving blood toward the centre of the body. A great way to start the day.


  • Approx. 15 minutes
  • A relaxing “centrifugal” massage designed to gently relieve tension and reduce the effects of the day’s stresses, by moving blood away from the centre of the body. A perfect way to wind down and prepare for sleep.


  • Approx. 15 minutes
  • For complete relaxation, this program incorporates a gentle, undulating figure-eight motion that replicates the way a massage therapist balances the body during a shiatsu massage session. Using this program after any massage regulates muscle balance.


  • Approx. 8 minutes
  • The most complete and effective in the industry, this program offers a comprehensive series of back and torso stretching, using sequenced air and mechanical movements to extend, flex, gently rotate and stretch the shoulders, back and hips.

Full Body Air

  • Approx. 15 minutes
  • Extremely relaxing full-body massage using all 101 air cells.

Full Body

  • Approx. 15 minutes
  • A complete full-body massage, carefully choreographed to relieve back tension and muscle fatigue. Targets key acupressure points with synchronized and counter motion robotic hands and pinpoint air cells.


  • Approx. 8 minutes
  • With 39% of youth reporting back pain in any given month, this program is specifically designed for them. Delivers a softer massage, creating a gentle sensation to reduce the stress on young people’s bodies.


Why Inada?

In 1962, Inada invented the first automatic massage chair. Today, Inada is the official massage technology provider for Toyota, and invests a stunning 10% of gross revenue in research and development every year -- twice the Japanese national average. Inada is the only robotic massage institute which employs full-time Shiatsu therapists, and partners with seven universities to engineer the most effective medical-grade robotic massage programs available.

  • Quality and Reliability

Inada chairs are built with a 20 year lifespan. For every 20 minutes of manufacturing, each chair goes through 30 minutes of quality control and diagnostics.




  • Medical Grade Therapy

Inada collaborates with ten medical research facilities and seven universities to design massage programs with the maximum health benefit.


  • Intelligent Massage

Inada massage programs are designed from scratch by actual massage experts to re-create proven massage techniques with robotics.



"I was amazed at what it did to my feet and body"

"When I sat down in the Sogno chair, the experience I had was incredible. I have done reflexology for almost 30 years and it works on all the nerve endings for your organs that end up in the feet and hands. So when I sat in the Sogno, I was amazed at what it did to my feet and body. It worked on my head, eyes, ears, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, liver, reproductive, back and bowel nerve endings. I got up after the massage and felt healthy."

  • Carl D, Reflexologist


"My back pain completely vanished"

"My very first experience with Inada Sogno was like a miracle, it truly was. I have suffered for over 30 years with back pain, but after half an hour in the Sogno my back pain completely vanished! I was astonished. In fact, it was so incredible that I purchased one then and there. The Sogno even helped with my Vertigo, as I am only able to sleep in an upright position. It is so comfortable that I actually sleep in it! The service and experience with Bodo has been very memorable and I would highly recommend them to anyone."

  • Carmen L


"I can’t believe how invigorated I felt"

"I’m 87 years old and I can’t believe how invigorated I felt after a session in your Sogno massage chair. At first I felt a little intimidated, getting my body into the right positions and learning how to operate it, but I’m so glad I did, because I am very pleased with the results. What a great contribution to our health and fitness, with the added benefit of not having to leave home!"

  • Louie W.



Inada massage chairs were created with longevity in mind, designed to last 20 years of regular home use. The chairs have a competitive 5 year limited warranty: 1 year comprehensive, 3 years parts and 5 years on the structure. 


Medical Device Certification


All Inada massage chairs are a Class I medical device under the FDA classification 890.5660 defining therapeutic massagers as “an electrically powered device intended for medical purposes, such as to relieve minor muscle aches and pains." Here are details regarding the registration:

Name: FAMILY MEDICAL CHAIR (JAPAN); INADA CHAIR (USA) Classification Name: MASSAGER,THERAPEUTIC, ELECTRIC Medical Specialty: Physical Medicine
Establishment Name: FAMILY CO., LTD. NAWA FACTORY Establishment #: 3004756871

Owner/Operator: FAMILY CO., LTD. Owner/Operator #: 9046720

Electrical Certifications


Inada massage chairs are TUV certified. This is a demanding German electrical standard that and a mark of engineering and safety excellence.

Because TUV is acknowledged by many governments as “the” standard in electrical safety, presence of the TUV mark on our product automatically guarantees compliance with all Canadian and US electrical safety standards including CSA certification and the UL standard. 


Factory Certifications


Inada’s factories in Japan measure up to the highest manufacturing standards in the world. All Inada facilities fully meet certification requirements of ISO 13485:2003. This certification specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer requirements and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related services. In other words, Inada chairs are built to medical standards, not just home use standards. 



Power Consumption

170W (Power consumption of heater only: 5W)

Electrical Requirements

15A, 120V

Installed Dimensions (Width/Length/Height)

37 (38) x 55 (83) x 48 (30)’’ OR 93 (97) x 139 (210) x 121 (76) cm

The figure in ( ) for the width represents the dimension when the armrests are fully extended. The figures in ( ) for the length and height represent dimensions when the seat back is fully reclined and with the leg rest flat.

Boxed Dimensions/Weight

Carton A: 59 x 33 x 27'' (97 kg / 212 lbs)

Carton B: 55 x 25 x 29'' (51 kg / 112 lbs)

Total Weight: 148 kg / 324 lbs

Recline Angle

Approx. 120° - 165° from floor level - automatic, continuous motion

Massage Stroke Range

Approx. 28'' vertically (in partial rolling, approx. 6'')

Leg Rest Adjustment Range

Rotates up to 90° from floor, leg rest extends up to 10'' 

Arm Rest Adjustment Range

Up to 4''

Kneading Speed

3 levels, from minimum approx. 10 times/minute to maximum approx. 32 times/minute

Tapping Speed

3 levels, from minimum approx. 180 times/minute to maximum approx. 480 times/minute

Roller Width

3 levels (Narrow, Medium, Wide)

Up/Down Speed

One full cycle (top to bottom again) in approx. 30 seconds (approx. 1.64''/second)

Vibration Massage Function

Back: 2 levels (Min: Approx. 1650 times/minute, Max: Approx. 2350 times/minute)

Seat: 1 step (Approx. 4500 times/minute)

DreamWave Operation

Seat rocks approx. 1.6'' either side of center, approx. 12 times/minute (maximum approx. 25 times/minute)

Air Pressure

60 Hz: Approx. 38kPa


Outer cover temperature: 102°F or less (at the ambient temperature of 77°F), Timer: Approx. 2 hours

Auto Timer

Approx. 15 minutes (Preset Programs vary in duration)

Weight (unboxed)

Approx 115 kg (253lbs) - Chair: 75kg/165lbs, Arm rests: 11kg/24lbs x 2, Leg rest: 18kg/40lbs

Outer Covering

Synthetic Leather (with antibacterial/dirt-resistant finish)


Black, Ivory, Expresso

Included Accessories

AC Power Cord, T-shaped Wrench, Buffer Pad (thick), Buffer Pad (thin), Child Safety Lock Keys (2), Shiatsu Pads for Shoulders (light) (1 each left and right), Shiatsu Pads for Shoulders (strong) (1 each left and right)


The Sogno Dreamwave arrives in two boxes. The arms are removed, as is the foot massager – so it easily fits through doorways. With the arms attached it is 36” wide.

You need at least 16” of free space in front of the base and at least 26’’ of free space to the back of the base when setting up the Sogno (see image). It has a maximum length of 7'.