My reasons for starting The Electric Chair Massage and partnering with INADA

I enjoy human massages, and have had numerous great experiences but, unfortunately, there are a few factors that continually nag at me. In discussing this topic with friends, family and colleagues, they agreed and also added a couple more items:

  1. Limited appointments times because of the physical demands of a massage therapist
  2. Some people simply don’t like to be touched by a stranger and, as such, may never have had a massage; that’s tragic in my opinion
  3. Numerous people feel uncomfortable getting undressed for a massage
  4. Massage oil messes your hair and leaves you feeling slimy for the rest of the day
  5. The sometimes awkwardness of whether or not to chat, and how much
  6. Therapist may not take direction well and a lack of consistency
  7. Tipping

Given the above, I knew a massage chair would address all the above issues, but was there a chair in existence that could come close to replicating a human massage and elicit a “WOW, that was AMAZING” reaction? If there was such a massage chair, I wanted to market it, so began my journey of massage chair enlightenment.

I’ve tried massage chairs a few times over the years; at the gym, the hair salon, and at retail stores. Although each was a pleasant experience, it was nothing to write home about, so naturally I turned my attention to the Internet. It turns out there’s only a handful of massage chair manufactures world-wide, mainly in China and Japan, and most market in North America. Not surprising, most make claims that their chairs are the best, thus, I concluded the only way to determine which ultra premium chair was truly superior, was to try them all. So I travelled across the continent and tried every single ultra premium chair available and, without question, nothing compared to the Inada Sogno DreamWave, it’s truly the closest thing to a human massage available.

In addition to the people who have been excited to try an Inada chair, I’ve witnessed many, very skeptical people experience the Chair and every single one of them has been incredibly amazed. In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear people to breathlessly utter the phrases such as “Oh My God” or “Oh My” sometime during a session. I appreciate it’s difficult, if not impossible, to conceive that a massage chair can elicit such a reaction and, based on my previous experiences, this perception is well founded. To use an old cliché, however, “the proof is in the pudding”; once you feel it, you’ll believe it, The Inada Sogno Series truly is “The World’s Best Massage Chair™”.

Relaxation, Relief and Rejuvenation!

Clay Cracklen
Owner & CEO (Chief Euphoria Officer)

The Electric Chair Massage
January 2013